Riots in france

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Riots in france

Postby Burgerman » 09 Oct 2018, 22:01

The typical socialist loving french, voted for macron to keep out ms le penn... Macron is a pro EU leftist socialist idiot. So france which is becoming more bancrupt by the month and its voters are all fed up with the EU loving Macron idiot. They love their socialiast ways, and their 35 hour weeks, etc etc, but they dont get that its bankrupting them, and so are now rioting in the streets... And its getting worse month after month.

Please note that the liberal/leftist/elitist media such as the BBC dont even mention it. And the odd media outlet that does never mentions "socialism" or any of the reasons such as the pro EU macron cozying up in brussels. God forbid!

While the idiot Macron (micropenis) is busy pushing more EU socialist integration. France will be going the way of venuzuala if it doesent wake up. Its socialism is killing it. And Macron will be out soon. And who will be in? I will let you guess! But it will be another nail in the EU coffin. There are now so many right wing leaders getting into the position where they at least have some control that the EU and its dictatorship like control, and its socialism, and its ever greater unification will soon end.
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