Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

Postby Burgerman » 25 Dec 2017, 12:35

Take a bewildered human, with an imaginary freind. Add a white dress and a pointy hat, and a few gold adornments. Maybe a thing on a string with smoke coming out to swing around whilst mumbling stuff, in a very expensive building with coloured glass, pointy roof, etc. What do you get? You get a cult leader with some added "legitimacy" piled on to nothing whatsoever, other than a basket case with a delusion. Thats now the boss of the imaginary freind group...

What he really needs is a straight jacket and treatment for delusion. What we actually get is thousands of stupid or brainwashed people thinking that what he says has some importance or value, and its on the news channels, and spread all over the planet, and repeated on the hour for days on end. Seriously I worry about the human race.

The fancy buildings, the white dresses and pointy hat thing, with gold adornments isnt just the pope. Its all cults and religion. Go look in a church. In a pyramid. All the same crap. Complete with group chanting and group reinforcement sessions. And of course god needs money! Why do they do all this? Because it adds legitimacy to some rediculous claims with zero actual evidence! Its all just crazy brain washing stuff that we are supposed to "respect"! :lol:
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