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Postby DaveRV8 » 10 May 2017, 13:22

Hi folks
I came across this forum while trying to find out how to program my wife's powerchair(s).
My wife Jos has MS and she has two power chairs, indoors a Pronto M62 and outdoors a Quickie Salsa M2.
I am a petrolhead, pretty good with a spanner and can manage OK with programmable ECU's so I get pretty frustrated with not being able to get spares (eg caster bearings) or programing information that I can do myself.
So hoping to ask some questions and get to a point where I can make Jos' chairs work the way she wants!
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Re: Just joined...

Postby Khreat » 14 May 2017, 12:45

Hey dave, with regards to the castor bearings, they're pretty easy to get in my experience as long as you have one you can read the number from the dirt seal. Then just google/ebay/bearingboys, etc.
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