Chair modder from uk

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Chair modder from uk

Postby Khreat » 17 Feb 2017, 14:00

Hi, I'll try to avoid making this too long winded.
My name is Chris / khreat, I am not a chair user, but I am playing around with concepts to help my improve the quality of life for my neighbour who does use a chair, and I have previous experience from when my late father was using one.
I am a metal fabricator, studied engineering, and product design, and when I see someone with the will to try to get on with life against the odds instead of taking the couch potato option, I have to try to lend a hand. Joy (my neighbour) suffers from used to be a very active woman, horse riding and keeping dogs, and very much an outdoors/country side sorta person, so as many of you guys will understand, she finds it quite upsetting being reliant on the sort of crap wheel chairs she can get access to and afford (not a wealthy person). Joy has continued to keep dogs and puts the wellbeing of her rotweiler before her own.
When I arrived on the street she had a 321(?) rascal, mid drive chair, which I tried to get better tyres for, adjusting spring rates, and generally tweeked to no avail, it was just crap!!!
She also had a rickety old roma Marbella in the shed which was far more competent on less smooth terrain, which I have converted to front wheel drive for safety reasons, and she has been very happy with it compared to the rascal, but that is no high accolade!
I am very happy to have found this site after thinking previously that no there was no resource like this and must say a massive thank you to bergerman and the contributors for this community contribution!
I now know I definitely need to get access to a means of reprograming controllers, and I will be asking for assistance on this.
I just bought a test chair which has the same running gear as the Marbella including a vsi controller, and am putting some larger rolling radius wheel/tyres currently. I know it is underpowered, but joy is probably 7-8 stone and I want to experiment with things like this £50 chair before I start with more expensive gear if I can afford it.

I just wanted to introduce myself before asking for any help or advice.

keep up the good work guys.
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Re: Chair modder from uk

Postby martin007 » 10 Mar 2017, 01:43

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Chair modder from uk

Postby geeman1969 » 27 Sep 2017, 19:31

Look forward to any new developments with interest.

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