Please Read!

No Commercial sellers please, unless of particular interest and with permission!


Please Read!

Postby Burgerman » 13 Jan 2010, 22:30

Buy & Sell your Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs here.
Buy & Sell your Adapted Cars, Vans here.
Also related parts, lifts, electric beds, and other disability related items.

NEW TOPIC FOR EVERY ITEM! Or it gets very messy...

Make sure you add contact details, phone, email etc as you wish.
And a CLEAR searchable title that explains what it is!

E.G. Sunrise Medical F55s Power Wheelchair for sale!
Chrysler Voyager Lowered Floor Minivan 2007

etc,,, Clear descriptions, good photos help sell stuff! Nobody buys what they cant see!

Once sold PLEASE add a SOLD "reply"!


And since I get a lot of emails lately asking if Martin Osment or Martin O Refurbisher has anything to do with me I have to be clear.
Definitely not. He builds what can only be described as farmyard/unsafe at best. And an outright scammer at worst.
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